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Ask your MP to end ‘DIY’ abortion 

The abortion lobby are now running a large campaign in the media to put pressure on the Government to make temporary ‘DIY’ abortion schemes permanent before the end of the year. It is therefore vital that as many MPs as possible write to the Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, asking the Government to end these dangerous ‘DIY’ abortion schemes.
Right To Life UK has launched an easy-to-use tool on its website today which makes it easy for you to send an email to your MP asking them to write to Sajid Javid. Please visit www.righttolife.org.uk/endDIY to contact your MP now. It only takes 30 seconds. 



To make DIY home Abortion Permanent.
• 70% of respondents to the public consultation called for the home abortion scheme to be ended immediately.
• The Government announce in the last month, following examination of all the evidence, not to make home abortion provision permanent and to end this August, very good news.
• Now we learn, last Thursday, Baroness Sugg, tabled an amendment to the Health and Care Bill. Despite opposition from the Government, it was approved by peers in a vote that took place after 1am, by 75 votes to 45.
• The amendment (now Clause 184 of the Health and Care Bill) will now be passed to the Commons. If the amendment passes through the Commons, it will be written into law.
The democratic voice of the people should be respected
• 45% of the group of women who had accessed abortion service during the pandemic and had used both abortion pills felt that there were benefits in relation to safeguarding and women’s safety in requiring at least one visit to a service to be assessed by a clinician, (as opposed to 22% saying that there would be disadvantages). Proponents of DIY abortion say we should listen to women, so why are they ignoring women who actually went through this?
• This should not be overturned by a small number of Peers hijacking an unrelated bill.
• Can the following please be shared on your parish web page and an announcement at tomorrow Sunday masses alerting the faithful, as the vote in parliament is this coming Wednesday.
• Please sign and share! https://citizengo.org/en-gb/signit/207035
• Please urgently contact your MP, asking him/her to oppose Clause 184 and to vote against it. 


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