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Act now to stop DIY abortion up to birth
Diana Johnson MP has tabled an amendment (New Clause 1) to the Government’s Criminal Justice Bill, which is coming up for Report stage in Parliament in early March. This amendment seeks to change criminal law so that “no offence is committed by a woman acting in relation to her own pregnancy” at any gestation. This means that a woman who induced her abortion at home using pills (or any other method) at any stage of pregnancy, including just before natural birth, would commit no offence. This is dangerous for women and lethal for unborn babies.
Please contact your MP urgently, asking them to oppose this extreme and barbaric proposal. You can do this using SPUC’s easy to use webtool, at https://www.spuc.org.uk/abortionamendments
Please pray for the defeat of this amendment, for protection of unborn babies, and help and comfort for mothers in need.

The UK’s largest pro-life Youth Conference returns in 2024 to explore the” lies beneath the abortion industry”
and inform participants about the dark reality behind the guise of ‘choice’, whilst equipping them with
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The Youth Conference takes place from 24th to 26th February at Yarnfield Park Training & Conference Centre. Stone, Staffordshire ST15 0NL
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Pro-life News.
MPs in the United Kingdom Parliament: Dame Diana Johnson and Stella Creasy, have tabled amendments to the Government’s Criminal Justice Bill; New Clause 1 and New Clause 2 respectively.
Both amendments would decriminalise abortion, that is, remove it from the criminal law.
These amendments are very dangerous for it removes all legal protect for the unborn babies and reduces further the wellbeing of the mother’s mental and physical health.
How can you make a difference and have your voice heard about this very important issue….write to your MP
It is vital that we all “lobby our MPs” to oppose these extreme and dangerous amendments.
We expect that there will be a vote in Parliament next month.
Please contact your MP, asking them to oppose these proposals.
Click on the link below and following the guidance to send your message to your MP.


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