What is Pentecost all about?

Pentecost is one of the greatest solemnity in the Catholic Church
and is celebrated 50 days after Easter.

After the Ascension Jesus’ disciples were gathered together
when Holy Spirit descended on them like ‘tongues of fire’ (Acts 2:3).
Pentecost is viewed as the birthday of the Church. 

How can I prepare myself to Pentecost?

Pray the Novena. 

The Pentecost Novena is traditionally prayed from the Friday after the Feast of the Ascension until the Saturday before Pentecost Sunday.
There are a variety of resources available to help you praying and prepare to Pentecost.
For more information please visit The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales website: 

Pentecost 2021 > 

You can see also this website:
The God Who Speaks >

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